Through Connection

Like most people, you are probably in pain and frustrated that nothing is working. You are probably asking yourself “why me?,” “why won’t it go away.” In this stage the focus is on connecting to energy, breath and movement. Through this we can address our bodies with safety and the ability to understand the possible changes in the next moment.

Through Conscious Action

We all desire a new life, but first we must utilize the connections and fuel that we have discovered and shift them into a new space of transformation. It’s about dissolving the attachments to ideas, concepts, memories, or stories which limit our future journey and redefining ourselves through the structure of the body.

Through Expanded Awareness

Awaken speaks to our desires to continually seek progress and growth in our lives. Whether it’s connecting to the greater good for the first time, or being whole and present with ourselves. Awaken and you are bound to see your world with much more connection and possibility.