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About Us

Our Name

The word “bodhi” is a Sanskrit word meaning “AWAKENED”. At Bodhi Chiropractic and Wellness, we believe that despite your symptoms, diagnosis, or concerns, you are a well and whole individual. Our core principle is that human beings were not created for disease, but for health, vitality, and growth. Our job is to aid in this process of growth and facilitate the bodies’ self healing properties so that it can not only heal itself naturally from the inside-out, but re-organize at a higher level.

At higher levels of organization, the body can respond faster, function better, heal quicker, and allow you to feel at home in your own skin. When your body is functioning optimally, you can expect: less stress, increased performance, better balance and coordination, less illness, a stronger immune system, better organ function, less headaches, and so much more. I hope that you join Bodhi Chiropractic and Wellness on this journey as we awaken our bodies to their full physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Dr Tara

Doctor Tara Rohrbach spent her childhood and early adult years suffering from severe asthma and allergies. Every few months, like clockwork, she was admitted to the emergency room for treatment of her asthma attacks. Her inability to run, or even sleep without her inhaler eliminated any hopes of ever playing sports like most other children. It wasn’t until college that she visited a Chiropractor. To her own disbelief, within a few months she was swimming laps in the pool for the first time without her breathing being compromised. She didn’t know how her asthma was “cured,” but knew that there was something very special about chiropractic care and she moved across the country to find out.

Dr. Rohrbach pursued her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University in Marietta, GA so that, like herself, she could help people be at their greatest, by releasing their innate healing potential. She graduated magna cum laude and phi tau delta in June of 2011. During this time, she expanded her clinical education studying Network Spinal Analysis- a gentle and evidence-based technique that expands on human resourcefulness and focuses on body awareness and healing through a wellness model. She is continually refining her skills and knowledge through current, up-to-date workshops and seminars and incorporates them into her daily practice.

Over the years, her appreciation for the perfection of design and function of the human body has grown increasingly deeper. She is extremely passionate about what she does and is so excited to ground her roots in the Seattle community where she grew up. She cannot imagine a better way to help people experience true health and teach them how to take their lives to the next level by than by connecting their minds, bodies, and spirits and by transforming and awakening to more meaningful and purposeful lives.

Our Approach

Within each of us, there is a life force which is referred to as Innate Intelligence. This innate intelligence flows throughout the body via the nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, the spinal cord, and every nerve cell connected to them. Together, innate intelligence and the nervous system not only keep us alive, but also repair, renew, coordinate, and heal EVERY part of the body, from the largest organs down to the smallest cells. ALL of these functions are accomplished automatically, as long as they are not altered by disruption of flow along the nervous system or its associated structures.

When this Innate Intelligence flows free of interruption along the nervous system, we experience a state of ease, and the full expression of life. When there is a disruption in flow, we experience a state of dis-ease. Because every person is completely unique, dis-ease can manifest as virtually anything, in anyone. Dis-ease is different than disease. Disease is a specific entity, and is generally something that has a name, such as a particular condition. Dis-ease is not an entity, rather it is a way to describe a state of being that is not in ease, a person that is not experiencing wholeness or complete health. Dis-ease often includes, but is not defined by: symptoms such as pain, loss of function, acute and chronic “diagnosed” conditions, emotional and psychological changes or conditions, and an overall reduction in quality of life.

Locating and correcting disruption of nerve flow is the primary purpose of chiropractic. If a persons body, mind, soul and nervous system are connected, whole, and in balance, and they live a supporting lifestyle, healing occurs at 100% capacity no matter what condition a person suffers from. This does NOT mean that chiropractic treats or cures any particular disease, condition, or symptom. It does mean that in order to heal and to grow, it is essential to have a fully functioning nervous system and mind-body connection.The care you will experience with Dr. Rohrbach is delivered in a gentle and specific manner through some of the most researched and highly developed techniques in all of the healing arts. We provide care for people and families of all ages, from birth to over 100 years old, and look forward to working with you, to help you experience life at 100%.