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I have had hip, joint, neck and back pain since I was 16 (now 29). I had never been to a Chiropractor before that didn’t HURT. I honestly didn’t think that a gentle approach would do anything for me at all. I’ve never been SO pleased to be wrong! Tara was amazing. I could feel myself fighting it, and then about halfway through, I let go. My whole body relaxed. My pain melted away. It was so wonderful that I felt like crying! When Tara was finished I felt so refreshed. I felt calm, happy, and “lighter” if that makes any sense? It was a fantastic experience and I only wish that I lived closer so I could go every week! Ashley W.

Oak Harbor, WA, Yelp Review

I have been going through a particularly difficult time following the unexpected death of a close friend. The work that Tara does, her quiet presence, her skill, have all helped me stay grounded and connected to my body through the process of grief. I have felt lighter and a greater sense of well being than before I started working with Tara. I believe her work is helping my body find new pathways for processing difficult emotions and, in general, for moving through life with more grace and fluidity. I would highly recommend her. Dianne G.

Seattle, WA, Yelp Review